About Five Star Consultants

A Sustainable Energy Economy

How do we get from where we are - a fossil fuel economy - to where we need to be - a sustainable energy economy?

What products, policies, and programs will help us get there?

What can businesses, non-profits, and governmental agencies do to work toward this goal?


Ken Regelson

Ken founded Five Star Consultants in 1989 to help clients develop, analyze, and implement the products, policies, and programs needed to create a more sustainable energy future. Areas of expertise include utilities, net metering, modeling of renewables in an electric grid, municipalization, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and city and state policies and programs in renewable energy and energy efficiency..

Ken has intervened at the Colorado Public Utilities Commission numerous times.

Ken has worked at Bell Telephone Laboratories and Precision Visuals, Inc. Since 1989 he has helped clients apply technology well as an independent consultant.

Education and Awards

•M.S, in Electrical Engineering, 1979, Stevens Institute of Technology.

•2004 CoSEIA President’s Award for net metering advocacy.

•2005 Center for Resource Conservation ReWard for sustainable energy advocacy

•2006 - 2011 honorary membership in COSEIA.

•2006 Wirth Chair Community Award for passage of and rulemaking for Colorado’s

         renewable energy standard - Amendment 37.

•2011 COSEIA Sunny Award.